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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell apply?

The Correct spelling is: apply. Common misspellings of the word apply are: apply in french. apply in spanish. apply in german.

What are synonyms for apply?

Synonyms for Apply: n. v. •appeal (verb) appeal, accost, supplicate, address, beg, plead, petition, request, entice, implore, invite, beseech, entreat, solicit, approach, greet, buttonhole.

What does to apply mean?

apply. ( əˈplaɪ) vb, -plies, -plying or -plied. 1. ( tr) to put to practical use; utilize; employ. 2. ( intr) to be relevant, useful, or appropriate. 3. ( tr) to cause to come into contact with; put onto. 4. (often foll by: for) to put in an application or request.

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