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Frequently Asked Questions

Does heparin have to be started before taking Coumadin?

Heparin + coumadin could result in blood that is TOO thin, so they probably waited until your levels were down before starting the coumadin. So yes, you could just start the coumadin immediately.

What is the therapeutic range of heparin?

The APTT range that corresponds to the heparin therapeutic range (0.2 – 0.4 U/mL by protamine titration) is the established heparin therapeutic range (56 – 84 seconds in this example). For an in-vitro therapeutic range calculation, the X-axis would correspond to the known (spiked) concentrations of heparin in a pooled plasma preparation.

What is the treatment for heparin?

Infusion of unfractionated heparin followed by oral administration of warfarin remains the mainstay of treatment for deep venous thrombosis. Subcutaneously administered low-molecular-weight (LMW) heparin is at least as effective as unfractionated heparin given in a continuous infusion.

Can heparin be reversed?

When clinical circumstances (bleeding) require reversal of the Heparin effect, protamine sulfate (1% solution) by slow infusion will neutralize Heparin sodium. No more than 50 mg should be administered, very slowly, in any 10-minute period. Each mg of protamine sulfate neutralizes approximately 100 USP Heparin units.

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