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Frequently Asked Questions

Can apixaban be used to treat patients with mechanical heart valves?

In this case report, we introduced a case of off-label use of apixaban due to refusal to take warfarin in patient with mechanical heart valves and AF. The patient received successful external electrical cardioversion and did not experience major bleeding, stroke, or systemic embolic events during apixaban use.

Are direct oral anticoagulants effective in patients with mitral valve repair?

Despite the lack of prospective studies specifically evaluating treatment with direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in patients with mitral valve repair, subanalysis of DOAC AF trails have showed a similar overall efficacy and safety as compared with VKA in patients with valvular heart disease, including mitral valve repair [26].

How long will I need Eliquis after robotic mitral valve repair surgery?

I had robotic mitral valve repair surgery 7 weeks ago. I was initially told I would need Eliquis for 6 weeks. I am currently having PVC’s. My Cardiologist is keeping me on the Eliquis (5 mg. 2 times a day) while I do a 2 week Zio patch to monitor my heart rate.

Is apixaban better than warfarin for AFIB?

Apixaban has been shown to be superior to warfarin in preventing stroke or systemic embolism, bleeding, and mortality in non-valvular AF patients.11The current case demonstrates the efficacy and safety of apixaban to prevent valve thrombosis or systemic embolism in a patient with a mechanical heart valve.

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