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Frequently Asked Questions

What APICS certification should I get?

To be eligible to take the APICS CLTD exam, you must have: 3 years of related business experience or Bachelor’s degree or the international equivalent*, or Possess one or more of these certifications active or in good standing CSCP, CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, CTL, C.P.M., CSM or CPSM designations.

How useful is APICS certification?

Most APICS Certified Supply Chain Professionals gain more than those that are not certified. APICS certification proves that you have the knowledge and leadership to move into a management role. Depending on your experience and job details, this can lead to a much more fulfilling position and a substantial improvement in earnings.

What is the APICS CLTD certification?

APICS sets the standard for training and certification in logistics, so a CLTD marks your name with exceptional skills and knowledge. Recipients of this credential are able to display the "CLTD" designation after their name on professional materials.

How much time one should prepare for APICS CSCP?

How much time will you need to study? 100-hour study time investment -56 percent of successful APICS CSCP candidates surveyed said they studied 75 or more hours 75 percent of candidates take the exam one to three months after completing studies, with 51 percent taking the exam one month after Work back from exam date to create a plan

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