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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you find in an apiary?

An apiary is the place where hives of honey bees are kept. A yearlong membership to MSBA for one person costs $15 and includes access to bimonthly informational newsletters, which cover a range of topics relevant to Maine beekeepers, webinars and mentorship.

What is another word for Apiary?

Top synonyms for apiary (other words for apiary) are hive, beeyard and colmenar. How does the apiary work? The apiary houses your bees and shelters working queen bees.

What do apiaries do?

An apiary is a place where beehives are kept and managed by a beekeeper. Keeping honey bees is one of the oldest hobbies on the planet. Some beekeepers keep bees for fun and for others it is a serious occupation. Each beekeeper is responsible for the bees in his/her apiary.

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