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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AOL make money?

AOL primarily makes money through two of its business lines: 1. ISP business (dial-up internet), which accounts for about 40% of their annual revenue (~ $1 billion).

How do I download and install AOL?

TO DOWNLOAD & INSTALL AOL DESKTOP 10.0: 1) Open your web browser, and type in the Address box. Press the Enter key. 2) Scroll down on the AOL web page, and click on Downloads at the lower left. 3) Under AOL Desktop Version 10.0, click on the Download Now button. 4) Click on Run. 5) Click on Run.

How can I use AOL on my Desktop?

Right-click on an empty space on the Desktop screen. Then select option New, then click on option Shortcut. In the box, type Click on Next at bottom. In the box, type AOL. Click on Next at bottom. - After doing the above steps, you should have the AOL icon on your Desktop. Then you can open the AOL icon to use.

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