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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Anytime and any time?

The Difference Between ‘Anytime’ and ‘Any Time’ Anytime is an adverb that means at any time. Any time is a noun phrase, meaning any amount of time. In conclusion, any time is a safer choice because it is a more versatile term.

Is 'Anytime' one word or two?

A century ago, it was standard to write any time as two words in all contexts. But it’s now perfectly acceptable to write anytime as one word when you’re using it as an adverb. However, some readers still consider it a casualism, so you may want to stick to the two-word version for extremely formal writing.

What is the definition of anytime?

Use anytime in a sentence. adverb. Anytime is defined as something that can happen at any moment or any point in time. Telling someone they can call you 24/7 is an example of telling someone they can call you anytime.

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