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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wire for an antenna?

The best mobile cb antenna is considered a top-loaded antenna, and is usually made of fiberglass. The coil is tin wire wrapped around the antenna and then covered with a protective shield. The top-loaded is the cheapest and most effective antenna.

What type of cable is used for a radio antenna?

Cable Types Accessory Cable - RG316. RG316 is a low loss, FEP jacketed miniature coaxial cable, capable of withstanding operating temperatures up to 200°C. Standard Cable - RG58U. This is the most common type of cable around. ... Low Loss Cable - LMR195. This cable is a weatherproof high performance alternative to standard RG58. ... Super Low Loss Cable - LMR400. ...

How do you connect an antenna and cable to a TV?

Connect the second antenna cable to the second “Antenna in” connector. Connect your 75 ohm coaxial cable to the “TV out” connector on the box. Connect the other end of the cable to the “Antenna in” at the back of your DTV converter box. Run a channel scan using the menu of the converter to lock in the channels.

How do you connect Antenna to cable?

Plug the coaxial cable coming from the cable television connection outlet into the second coaxial port on the splitter. Use the port next to the one you used to plug the television antenna into. Place one end of a 2 foot piece of coaxial cable into the single coaxial port on the splitter.

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