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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaxial antenna cable attenuation?

As coaxial antenna cable transfers radio frequency (RF) power from one point to another, the power that enters it is degraded along the length of the RF cable, meaning less power reaches the remote than entered the RF cable. This loss of power in the coax cable is what is referred to as attenuation.

What kind of cable is used for antenna cable?

Signal Loss in Antenna Cables. Data Alliance uses low-loss double-shielded coaxial cable in all of our antenna cables, as opposed to the old standard, RG cable that is used in most other brands of antenna cables, and has a single layer of shielding.

How can I reduce the length of the antenna cables?

The solution is to reduce the length of antenna cables or eliminate them altogether, if possible: Bring the WiFi device as close as possible to the antenna. For USB WiFi adapters: Use USB c able (s) to set the USB WiFi adapter in the line of sight.

What is a coaxial cable preparation tool?

Coaxial cable preparation tools are used extensively both by professionals, amateurs, and consumers in the following sectors: telecommunications, Satcom, cable TV, testing and measurement, wireless networking, audiovisual, sound engineering, and more.

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