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Frequently Asked Questions

What is antenna return loss?

Antenna Return loss is the amount of the power reflected from the input of an antenna when excited by 1 Watt. Thus, 1- RL, which is the relative transmitted power in to the antenna shows the quality of the matching.

What is antenna peak gain?

A gain standard antenna is a test antenna with an accurately known gain and polarization (typically linear). The most popular types of gain standard antennas are the thin half-wave dipole antenna (peak gain of 2.15 dB) and the pyramidal horn antenna (where the peak gain can be accurately calculated and is typically in the range of 15-25 dB).

What is the aperture efficiency of an antenna?

According to the standard definition, " Aperture efficiency of an antenna, is the ratio of the effective radiating area (or effective area) to the physical area of the aperture." An antenna has an aperture through which the power is radiated. This radiation should be effective with minimum losses.

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