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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rg-8x coaxial cable?

Order #2247 Coaxial Cable RG-8Xis our most popular coaxial cable. It is a favorite for shortwave receiving antennas and suitable for HF transmit applications where an amplifier is not used. It is very flexible. General Specifications Outer Diameter

What is rg-8x made of?

Gray RG-8X (also called Mini 8/U). 16 Ga stranded center conductor. 95% copper braid shield. Soldered PL-259 on each end. .

What is the difference between DX engineering RG-58 and rg-8x?

Our 8X is intended for moderate-power HF stations or mobile applications where short runs and flexibility are key factors. Slightly larger than RG-58 cable, DX Engineering RG-8X offers better handling characteristics, very good shielding, and lower loss.

Is the Workman rg8x coax cable any good?

Bad connectors good coax. I know Amazon groups reviews together, so this one is for the Workman 100ft RG8X coax. This cable works for me, but barely. It's not the cable I have a problem with, but the PL-259s they used. The connectors only screw down well enough on about half the things I have (tuner, swr meter, transceiver, antennas, etc).

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