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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find technical questions and answers at Microsoft?

Find it on Q&A — the home for technical questions and answers at Microsoft. New to Q&A? See our get started article below. Microsoft supported products on Q&A | Microsoft Docs

What if I can't wait for an answer from Microsoft?

But we understand that sometimes you just can't wait for an answer from the community. In that case, Microsoft offers a variety of other support solutions. Ask the community Search Microsoft Support for additional help Find in-store support at a retail store near you

Where can I get help with Microsoft products?

One of Microsoft Community's biggest strengths is its members. Help and advice may come from a variety of places: other customers, community experts or Microsoft specialists. All of these people are passionate about Microsoft products and want to help you do more with your products too.

Where can I find information on Microsoft's support options?

All Microsoft’s support options are listed on our support site. back to top Searching the Community How do I find information on Microsoft Community? Search first. There's a good chance that someone has already written about the topic you have in mind.

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