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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Genesis in science?

History vs. science. Actually, Genesis is about history more than science (of course it touches upon, and is highly relevant to, aspects of anthropology, biology, geology, etc.). Normal (operational) science that puts men on the moon and cures diseases is based on repeatable observations in the present.

What is the study of Genesis?

A Study of Genesis. We will begin a study of our Bibles that will prove to be profitable to you throughout your life as a Christian. The basis of our study will be the book of Genesis, which is found at the beginning of your Bible. As a matter of fact, the meaning of the word Genesis is beginning.

What is Genesis system?

Genesis Systems Incorporated is the number one provider of Vital Records registration, issuance and analysis software in the United States. We have specialized in Vital Records software since 1987 and were the developers of the original Electronic Birth Certificate (EBC) software.

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