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Frequently Asked Questions

What is answers in Genesis?

Answers in Genesis ( AiG) is an American fundamentalist Christian apologetics parachurch organization. It advocates Young Earth creationism on the basis of its literal, historical-grammatical interpretation of the Book of Genesis and the Bible as a whole.

Who helped Noah build the Ark?

The first Noah’s Ark appeared at Venice Pier (California) in 1919. The ride was designed and built by Leroy Ramond who sold the manufacturing rights to William Dentzel the following year.

How did Noah build the Ark?

Noah built an ark because God told him to. It was to preserve human and animal life form extinction when the global flood occurred. The flood took place because the Devil, his demonic angels, their hybrid giant offspring and humanity were extremely violent, sexually immoral and profane.

What did Noah's Ark look like?

What did Noah’s ark look like? The ark was a large rectangular chest, or box, about 133 meters (437 ft) long, 22 meters (73 ft) wide, and 13 meters (44 ft) high. * The ark was made out of resinous wood, and it was covered with tar inside and out. It had three stories, or decks, and a number of compartments.

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