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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anjel Tech and how does it work?

ANJEL Tech is a cloud-based, live-streaming, location-mapping and auto-notification, Personal Security System! ANJEL Tech is designed to keep you and your loved ones safer and more informed, and it helps you keep others more accountable for their actions. ANJEL Tech connects you to your loved ones when they need you the most!

What is the meaning of Anjel?

Anjel as a girls' name (also used as boys' name Anjel) is of Greek origin, and the meaning of the name Anjel is "messenger; angel, messenger of God". Anjel is a variant form of Angela (Greek): from Church Latin. ... Anjel is an unusual last name too for both adults and children.

What is anjanjel Tech?

ANJEL Tech turns any smartphone into your own personal body cam. It’s secure, mobile and cloud-based and was made by people of color who are passionate about preventing others like them from becoming another painful statistic.

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