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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people have died on Angels Landing?

People have died on Angels Landing. Since 2017, three people have tragically fallen to their deaths while hiking Angels Landing, most recently in April 2019. This brings the total number of deaths to nine, according to the park website. Prior to 2017, there had been no deaths since 2010. Is Angels Landing getting more dangerous?

Is Angel's Landing dangerous?

Angel's Landing is the most popular hike in Utah's Zion National Park, its death-defying ascent making it a bucket list item for many of the park's millions of annual visitors. It's also the Park's most deadly hike, with 14 deaths reported since the year 2000. We set out to answer the question, why do so many people die at Angel's Landing?

Who fell from Angels Landing?

2021 March – Jason Hartwell, age 43, of Draper, Utah, fell from the summit of Angels Landing. ( Source: Salt Lake Tribune ) 2019 November – Savannah McTague, age 19, of Newport, Maine, fell from Angels Landing. A spokesperson from Zion National Park said environmental factors may have been a cause. ( Source: Portland WGME )

What happened at Angels Landing in 2021?

Most news outlets are reporting 2 recent deaths at Angels Landing in early 2021 – Corbin McMillen (late February) and Jason Hartwell (early March). Though he reported to his family he’d be hiking Angels Landing, Corbin McMillen was found at the base of a rock climbing feature called Moonlight Buttress.

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