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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in Angels in the outfield?

Angels in the Outfield (1994 film) The film stars Danny Glover, Tony Danza and Christopher Lloyd (the two latter actors previously worked together on Taxi ), and features several future stars, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt (in the lead), Adrien Brody, Matthew McConaughey, and Neal McDonough.

Did Caravan Pictures make angels in the outfield?

In July 1993, it was reported Caravan Pictures had reached an agreement with director William Dear to helm screenwriter Holly Goldberg Sloan’s remake of MGM ’s 1952 baseball picture Angels in the Outfield. [2]

Why did the Angels allow Murphy to remain as manager?

Moved by their faith, Murphy allows him to remain as the Angels' manager. During the final game of the season against the rival Chicago White Sox, none of the angels show up to help the team.

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