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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Angels tickets?

Buy Angels tickets on Seatgeek including regular season, spring training, playoffs and World Series tickets. Who are the Los Angeles Angels biggest rivals? Most of the Angels biggest rivals are in conference including Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

How much are Dodgers vs Angels tickets?

Typically, Dodgers vs. Angels tickets can be found for as low as $20.00, with an average price of $58.00. Where do Dodgers vs. Angels play? Those interested in catching a Dodgers vs. Angels game should be excited regardless of where the game takes place, as both teams play at energetic venues that focus on fan experience.

What is the Angels ticket policy?

Some teams have age requirements and others have restrictions on height. The Angels ticket policy states all children 2 and under are free. The Angels schedule is typically released in August, though the MLB will continue to announce games through the middle of January.

What song does the Angels play at home games?

Los Angeles Angels games begin with a video of the team's historical moments with the song "Calling All Angels" by Train. For the starting lineup announcement, "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum plays. At home games at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, there is an artificial formation of rocks in the center field and a running waterfall.

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