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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix smart lock and trusted Places on Android device?

How To:10 Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Smart Lock & Trusted Places on Any Android Device Step 1: Make Sure GPS Is On The first step is the simplest: Make sure you have GPS enabled. Other location reporting... Step 2: Make Sure Your Location Is Updated There's a chance that your phone simply hasn't ...

Should you use smart lock on your Android phone?

When it works, Android's Smart Lock feature is incredible. There's no need to enter your PIN when your phone "knows" it's in your hands — just unlock and go. But Smart Lock, particularly its Trusted Places feature, can be finicky sometimes.

How to troubleshoot Samsung smart lock not working?

The last troubleshooting step is the nuclear option. Start by heading to Settings –> Security –> Smart Lock, then go through each menu item and disable all Smart Lock features. Make sure your Trusted Places are disabled as well.

What if Google Maps is not working with smart lock?

Smart Lock relies on Google Maps to source your current location and works with it to help you keep the mobile unlocked. What if Google Maps is not working correctly? Did you check it? Open Google Maps and click the GPS icon on the lower right of the screen to see if it triangulates your location correctly.

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