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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the Amilia app?

Confirm the location of an activity, access your virtual access card, or double-check your schedule anytime, anywhere. The Amilia app helps you stay connected to your community organizations with easily accessible activity descriptions, times, and locations for all account members registered with any Amilia organization. Loading…

Why choose Amelia for your website?

Amelia has a minimalistic user interface, with only several colors used in the design, which you can quickly adjust to match your theme and your business branding best. Pick a demo site which looks closest to your industry.

What is Amylia?

Amelia presents a very rich toolset on the back-end - a dashboard with stats and KPIs, calendar view, appointment, employees, services and locations management, and other pages. Keep your customers and employees notified in real-time about their bookings with SMS notifications.

How to integrate Amelia with WooCommerce?

Sync Amelia with your Google Calendar, accept payments through PayPal or Stripe, or integrate it with your WooCommerce installation. Amelia introduces 4 WordPress shortcodes that you can insert in any post or page. These shortcodes generate 4 front-end views: Booking Search , Step-by-step booking, Services catalog and Events booking view

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