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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Alum and alumni?

Alumnus is used to refer to a male graduate or former student. Alumni is the plural of alumnus but can also be used to refer to a group of men and woman graduates/former students. Alumna is used to refer to a woman graduate or former student. Alumnae is the plural of alumna.

Do you say alum or alumnus?

Which word you use depends on the number and the gender of the graduates. Alumnus is for a singular, male graduate. Alumna is for a singular, female graduate. Alumnae is for plural, female graduates.

Is one person alum or alumni?

An alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a person who has attended or is a graduate of an educational institution. The masculine plural, alumni, is often used for mixed groups and the masculine singular is sometimes used generically.

What is the singular form of male alumni?

Alumnus is considered as the masculine, singular noun form; this means that it pertains specifically to a male graduate of an educational institution. In some cases, it is shortened to ‘alum’, which could at the same time refer to the female counterpart – ‘alumna’.

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