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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find Alumni on LinkedIn?

Find Alumni on LinkedIn. Once you’ve been taken to your school’s page, click the “See Alumni” button. Once you’re on the Find Alumni page, you’ll see an option for searching by “Attended” or “Graduated.” You may also see a button to “Change university” if you have attended or are affiliated with more than one school.<br> For example,...

What is alumni class?

A group of people who have graduated from a school or university. Alumni is usually used to refer to a group of graduates of either one or both genders, while 'alumnus' traditionally refers to a single male graduate, with the feminine term being 'alumna'.

What is alumni directory?

Alumni Directory. The GAA’s Alumni Directory is a great resource for personal and professional networking and an easy way to keep up-to-date on fellow alumni. The directory includes contact information for more than 290,000 Carolina alumni and friends. Search by industry, job title and location.

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