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Frequently Asked Questions

What does alias mean in Latin?

[Latin, Otherwise called. ] A term used to indicate that a person is known by more than one name. Alias is a short and more popular phrase for alias dictus.

What is alialias?

ALIAS, practice. This word is prefixed to the name of a second writ of the same kind issued in the same cause; as, when a summons has been issued and it is returned by the sheriff, nil, and another is issued, this is called an alias summons. The term is used to all kinds of writs, as alias fi. fa., alias vend. exp. and the like.

What is aliasing in Computer Science?

alias (third-person singular simple present aliases, present participle aliasing, simple past and past participle aliased) ( computing ) To assign an additional name to an entity, often a more user-friendly one.

What do you call a false name?

alias. noun. Kids Definition of alias (Entry 2 of 2) : a false name The criminal used several aliases. alias. adverb. \ ˈā-lē-əs, ˈāl-yəs. How to pronounce alias (audio) \.

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