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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'alias' mean on the computer?

An alias is a pointer to a file or folder on your hard drive. The alias is a small file that takes very little space because it only has information about the location of the original file. It is not an exact copy of the original file.

What does it mean by "alias name"?

An alias name or AKA (also known as) is any name that has been used by the candidate in the past. Life events such as marriage and divorce result in many candidates with records associated with more than one name. It is possible that criminal records could exist under any prior name.

What is the legal definition of alias?

Alias is a short and phrase for alias dictus. The abbreviation a.k.a., also known as, is frequently used in connection with the description of a person sought by law enforcement officers to disclose the names that the person has been known to use. A fictitious name assumed by a person is popularly termed an alias.

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