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Was UAlbany rape a foreseeable crime?

He also said the crime was also foreseeable. Hawrylchak said in the year preceding the victim's rape, UAlbany was the setting of two incidents of intruders entering a female student's bedroom while they were sleeping and sexually assaulting them. He said in another incident before that, a female student awoke to find a man in her dorm masturbating.

What is the Times Union children’s service?

By Pete DeMola It was a Times Union series on children and poverty in the Capital Region in 2007 – and discovering while reporting that series that there was a need for programs and services solely geared to children – that inspired what became the Times Union... By Shrishti Mathew

Why is Albany's Historic Albany Foundation moving from its old home?

The Historic Albany Foundation says rising crime is forcing the organization from its long-time home. 1 of 9 Historic Albany Foundation's warehouse on Lexington Avenue in Albany, NY. John Carl D'Annibale/[email protected]

What ishistoric Albany doing in West Hill?

Historic Albany is, of course, an organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating its city. If that organization feels that operating out of West Hill has become untenable, what other businesses and employers can the neighborhood hope to attract? What are West Hill's prospects for revival?

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