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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aftenbladet app?

Stavanger Aftenblad is Rogaland's largest and most important communicator of news, culture and dig journalism. With our mobile app, you get all Aftenbladet's news right in your pocket, wherever you may be! Use the menu in the upper left corner to navigate to specific sections.

Where is the Stavanger traffic camera?

The web camera is directed in the direction of Stavanger and broadcasts the Eastern direction of traffic flow on the highway Fv 509. Stavanger Commerce and an important city in Norway. He is also a municipality in Rogaland County, and is considered the oil capital of the Kingdom.

How does the webcam work at ankerbygget?

This webcam, showing Strandkaien to the left and Skagenkaien to the right from the top of Ankerbygget located in innermost Vågen, alternates between the two quays. Each page displays for half a minute before the camera turns to the other side.

Why are there two webcams above Stavanger's Strandkaien and Skagenkaien?

Two webcams high above Stavanger’s Strandkaien and Skagenkaien are helping tourists and Internet users worldwide get the latest. The moveable cameras alternate between both sides of the much-visited Vågen harbour. Summer in Stavanger is packed with festivals.

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