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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check Adobe Reader?

To manually check for updates to Adobe Reader. Open up the Adobe Reader program and click on Help in the top menu – then click on ‘Updates’ or ‘Check for Updates’. You will then see any available updates and can select and add them before starting the update process. You may need to restart your computer to make the changes take effect.

How do I locate Adobe Reader on my computer?

Type "Installed Programs" in the Search field, and press the "Enter" key. This opens a window titled "Programs and Features," which contains a list of programs installed on your computer. Look for "Adobe Reader" in the list of programs. If this is present, Adobe Reader is installed on your computer.

How do I get Adobe PDF reader?

Open a PDF document in Adobe Reader. Do so by opening the red Adobe Reader app with the stylized, white A icon. Then click on File in the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on Open..., select the PDF document you want to type on and click on Open.

Does Adobe have a free PDF reader?

Answer: Adobe Reader is a free program created and distributed by Adobe Systems. It is used to open PDF documents. PDFs can be a wide variety of files, such as images, text documents, forms, books, or any combination of these.

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