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Frequently Asked Questions

How many milligrams of adalimumab are in a pen?

Each prefilled auto-injector pen/syringe provides 40 mg of adalimumab injection in 0.8 mL sterile solution (50 mg/mL) for subcutaneous injection. The IDACIO® auto-injector has received the Arthritis Society’s Ease of Use™ designation.

What is hadlima® (adalimumab)?

Adalimumab injection in auto-injector for subcutaneous injection HADLIMA®(adalimumab injection) is a biosimilar biologic drug (biosimilar) to Humira®. PART I: HEALTH

What is the product monograph for amageva (adalimumab)?

AMGEVITA™ (adalimumab) Product Monograph Page 122 of 167 (JIA), who had a variety of JIA onset types (most frequently rheumatoid-factor negative or positive polyarthritis and extended oligoarthritis). Table 61 summarizes the clinical trials that were done in patients with polyarticular JIA.

How many patients received open label treatment with adalimumab in Humira?

Following an amendment to the study design, the remaining 16 patients who enrolled in the induction period received open- label treatment with adalimumab at the induction dose of HUMIRA Product Monograph Page 130 of 192 Date of Revision: April 21, 2021 and Control No. 239280

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