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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I shop on Acima marketplace™?

Get approved in the Acima mobile app or online with the retailer of your choice in our store locator, and shop at any of the retailers featured on Acima MarketPlace™. We recommend you also install our Chrome extension on your desktop, which allows you to shop at even more places. What is Acima's relationship with these retailers?

Where can I use the Acima browser extension?

The Acima browser extension powers shopping at most of our online retailers. So make sure to install it on your Chrome desktop browser.

Do I have to pay tax with Acima?

Acima is required to pay tax per state and local laws when Acima purchases the product from the retailer. States also require Acima to include the rental tax on your lease renewal payments. More places to shop through Acima MarketPlace™ are coming soon!

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