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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acima?

What is Acima? Acima is an alternative way to shop for the name-brand items you want, at the stores you want, without paying cash or relying on credit. After completing an easy application process, you’ll receive an instant approval decision.

How do I shop on Acima marketplace™?

Get approved in the Acima mobile app or online with the retailer of your choice in our store locator, and shop at any of the retailers featured on Acima MarketPlace™. We recommend you also install our Chrome extension on your desktop, which allows you to shop at even more places. What is Acima's relationship with these retailers?

Where can I use the Acima browser extension?

The Acima browser extension powers shopping at most of our online retailers. So make sure to install it on your Chrome desktop browser.

How does Acima determine the cost of a lease?

While no credit history is required, Acima obtains information from consumer reporting agencies in connection with a lease application. Acima Cash Price includes a markup over invoice price. Acquiring ownership by leasing costs more than the retailer’s cash price.

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