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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tracking number for ABF Freight?

ABF Freight Tracking Number The tracking number is the reference/Pro number that has 9 digits, for example, 050096106. Track ABF Freight Delivery ABF offers a wide range of efficient and reliable delivery services across the U.S and Internationally.

What LTL solutions does ABF Freight provide?

You can trust the LTL solutions ABF Freight provides to deliver the shipping services you need The bill of lading (BOL) tool can be used to create and print a standard bill of lading for ABF Freight ® shipments.

Can I change my delivery address with ABF Freight?

A: — Yes. ABF Freight has an online Dynamic Re-routing Tool for delivery address change. Alternatively, you should contact Customer Support through 800-610-5544. ABF Freight only allows you (the shipping fee payer), to make an address change. Q:How do I book a pickup for my shipping item?

How many continents does ABF Freight cover?

A: — The ABF Freight services, cover 6 continents namely Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia/Oceania, and North Africa. Therefore, it cuts across all major cities in these continents. Q:Can ABF Freight do item packaging on my behalf?

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