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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pick up from ABF on Saturday?

Enter the pickup request number on the online tracking tool or call the Customer Care via 800-610-5544. Q:Can ship an item on Saturday with ABF? A: — ABF does not offer weekend or holiday delivery services.

How do I view ABF Freight forms and documents?

ABF Freight Forms and Documents Forms and documents may be viewed by clicking the document image. Some PDF forms (e.g. bill of lading) may be completed by selecting the form, editing the form within the Acrobat Reader, and then saving or printing your completed version.

Does ABF offer weekend or Holiday delivery services?

A: — ABF does not offer weekend or holiday delivery services. However, it is possible if a customer requests freight delivery/pickup during non-working hours. This will attract a minimum fee of $415 per ABF employee a day. Q:How will I receive the shipping status of my freight shipment?

How does the ABF Freight expedited service work?

This expedited service has a 5 minute- average commitment time, time-specific delivery services, and a 24 hours Customer Support service. The ABF Freight offers global shipping services through Ground delivery, Ocean Shipping, and the International Air Freight Services. Q:Is it possible to alter the delivery address of my freight shipment?

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