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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABF masterpoint scheme?

The ABF Masterpoint Scheme is intended to stimulate interest in Bridge, provide means of measuring player achievements and assist with the financing of the ABF’s national and international commitments. For a full description of the scheme consult the ABF Masterpoint Scheme Manual

How do I play the ABF nationwide online pairs games on Sundays?

The ABF Nationwide Online Pairs games on Sundays allows people to play against competitors across Australia and earn red masterpoints. To play, both you and your partner MUST have registered your BBO usernames with the ABF. Steps to registering your BBO username and entering Check if your BBO Username is registered

What's new at the ABF?

The ABF Board has agreed to recommendations from the Tournament Committee. The Sydney Spring Nationals is moving online using the RealBridge platform. The 2021 NZ Congress will now take place from Thursday 10th February 2022 to Thursday 17th February 2022. The ABF has zero tolerance to reprehensible conduct.

What is the ABF's Red Point Online BBO (Red Point) session?

The ABF has decided to institute a weekly online BBO (Red point) session which will be open to all registered ABF players. The main objective is to provide an opportunity to play online to those ABF players who do not have access to ABF Club Games. The first of these Nationwide Pairs sessions will be held on Sunday May 31 at 2.30 pm AEST.

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