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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Pali language so widely studied?

It is widely studied because it is the language of the Pāli Canon or Tipiṭaka as well as the sacred language of Theravāda Buddhism. In early time, it was written in Brahmi script. The word 'Pali' is used as a name for the language of the Theravada canon.

What is the meaning of Pali?

The word 'Pali' is used as a name for the language of the Theravada canon. The word seems to have its origins in commentarial traditions, wherein the Pāli (in the sense of the line of original text quoted) was distinguished from the commentary or vernacular translation that followed it in the manuscript.

What is Pali written in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka, Pali texts were recorded in Sinhala script. Other local scripts, most prominently Khmer, Burmese, and in modern times Thai (since 1893), Devanāgarī and Mon script ( Mon State, Burma) have been used to record Pali. Since the 19th century, Pali has also been written in the Roman script.

What is the earliest known sample of Pali?

The earliest samples of Pali discovered are inscriptions believed to date from 5th to 8th Century located in mainland Southeast Asia, specifically central Siam and lower Burma. These inscriptions typically consist of short excerpts from the Pali Canon and non-canonical texts, and include several examples of the Ye dhamma hetu verse.

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