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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the journals in the sunken Pearl?

The Sunken Pearl, the second Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, has five journals scattered about chronicling the ship’s final days from the perspective of the Silver Blade’s captain. They can be quite hard to spot, as they are all hidden quite well. In the first level of Siren statue puzzles, go to the back of the cavern.

What is the sunken Pearl in Sea of thieves?

The Sunken Pearl is the second of five Tall Tales that make up A Pirate's Life: the story mode questline for Sea of Thieves ' third season, focussing around the crossover with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. The Sunken Pearl sees you heading to the ocean floor in search of the Black Pearl and Captain Jack Sparrow's trusty compass.

Where can I find the Sea of thieves journals?

The Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Silver Blade Captain Journals are a collectible that you can find during the Tall Tale. There are a total of five journals that you can find across the level as you progress through the Citadel.

Where can I find Jack Sparrow’s Compass in the sunken kingdom?

You are now hidden to the Sunken Kingdom to find Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass! There are a total of five different journals to find throughout this Tall Tale. You’ll find two inside the Spire and three inside the Citadel. You don’t need to worry about looking for journals in the Black Pearl.

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