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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Haber mean in English?

When used as an auxiliary verb, haber is the equivalent of the English auxiliary "to have" (which is much different than the English "to have" when it means "to possess"). Haber is used to form what are known as the perfect tenses because they refer to actions that have been or will be completed.

What does Haber mean Spanish?

Haber is one of the most common verbs in Spanish, used most of the time as an auxiliary or helping verb. Although haber is similar in form to "have" and is often translated that way, it is unrelated to the English verb.

How to conjugate Haber?

Haber is an auxiliary verb, which means it is a verb that we use to conjugate compound tenses. If we were to conjugate haber in the present or past without adding another word, it doesn’t have any meaning. To form pretérito perfecto we conjugate haber in the present tense and we add the past participle (participio pasado).

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