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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oberst?

Oberst is a German word. Spelled with a capital O, "Oberst" is a noun and defines the military rank of colonel or group captain.

Who was the ‘hero rat’ that sniffed out 100 mines?

He was dubbed a “hero rat” after he sniffed out more than 100 land mines and other explosives in Cambodia. But after a short retirement, Magawa died Sunday, according to the Belgium-based charity APOPO, which trained him in Tanzania before assigning him to the Southeast Asian country in 2016.

What is the rank of Oberst in the German Army?

By the eighteenth century, Obersten were typically afforded aides or lieutenants, often titled Oberstleutnant. This led to formation of the modern German rank of the same name, translated as lieutenant colonel. Oberst is the fifth highest rank in the Austrian Armed Forces .

Is this the most successful mine clearing rat in the world?

Announcing the rat's retirement in June last year, APOPO said in a news release that Magawa had found 71 land mines and 38 unexploded ordnances making him the “most successful” mine clearing rat. Over his five-year career, he helped to clear more than 225,000 square feet of land, it added.

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