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Frequently Asked Questions

What to visit in Bucharest?

Places to visit in Bucharest Romanian Atheneum (Ateneul Roman) Stavropoleos Church (Biserica Stavropoleos) The Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) National Art Museum (former Royal Palace) The Parliament Palace (Palatul Parlamentului) Cantacuzino Palace (Palatul Cantacuzino) Cismigiu Gardens (Gradina Cismigiu)

What to eat in Bucharest?

Instead, Energiea is the place to eat in Bucharest when you have a hangover or just ran a marathon. If you feel you want to plow down a serving platter loaded with fried potatoes, then this is the place for you. Pro Tip: Grab a cappuccino at Origo before or after your lunch at Energiea.

What country is Bucharest located in?

Bucharest is located in the south east corner of Romania, on the banks of river Dambovita. The city has a population in excess of 2.2 million according to the 2010 reports. Bucharest is also known as “Little Paris” for its elegant architecture and rich heritage.

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