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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the model 42I with oxygen work?

Using paramagnetic sensor technology the Model 42i with Oxygen gives the source measurement of NO x extended capabilities to read and report the concentration of oxygen in the sample stream up to 100%. Additionally, programming allows the user to correct the NO, NO 2, NO x reading for the amount of oxygen in the sample.

What is the Thermo Scientific™ Model 42 I no-no2-nox analyzer?

Measure levels of nitrogen oxide (NO-NO 2 -NO x) in the emissions from a source using chemiluminescent technology with the Thermo Scientific™ Model 42 i NO-NO 2 -NO x Analyzer. Discover the iQ to work smarter with our next generation 42iQ NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer. The Model 42i NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer is also available with an oxygen sensor module.

What is Section 42(C)(1)(a)(a)?

Section 42(c)(1)(A) provides that the qualified basis of any qualified low-income building for any taxable year is an amount equal to (i) the applicable fraction (determined as of the close of the taxable year) of (ii) the eligible basis of the building (determined under ' 42(d)).

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