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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3m supplier direct?

3M Supplier Direct. 3M Supplier Direct A Global Resource for 3M Suppliers. Suppliers As a valued 3M supplier, you need simple, streamlined access to tools and information to make the most of our partnership. Here you’ll find all you need, secured and unsecured. Share with your teams and check back regularly for updates.

How do I introduce my company or service to 3m?

The only option for introducing your company or service to 3M is to access the website: At the bottom of the left column on the page under “Potential Suppliers”, select “Interested in Becoming a Supplier” then click on “Supplier Registration Portal”.

How do I contact 3M for transportation information?

You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling 651-733-1110. I have an SDS for a 3M product and I’m looking for transportation information, but in Section 14 of the SDS it says to call 800-364-3577. All the transportation information you need can be found at:

When will the new 3m BCom be available?

3M’s new web-based system, bCom, will be launching on August 2! Your current system access will be on hold at approximately 6:00 p.m. CST on Friday, July 27 until Thursday, August 2 as data is converted to the new site.

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