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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact 3M for transportation information?

You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling 651-733-1110. I have an SDS for a 3M product and I’m looking for transportation information, but in Section 14 of the SDS it says to call 800-364-3577. All the transportation information you need can be found at:

How do I contact a specific 3M customer service representative?

bCom is 3M's web–based system for customer self-service, providing the functionally and information you need to do your job! Click here to sign in or register. I would like to contact a specific 3M employee. You can contact the 3M Operator directly by calling 651-733-1110 and selecting option 3.

When will the new 3m BCom be available?

3M’s new web-based system, bCom, will be launching on August 2! Your current system access will be on hold at approximately 6:00 p.m. CST on Friday, July 27 until Thursday, August 2 as data is converted to the new site.

How many patents does 3M have?

3M Science. Applied to Life. 3M United States In 2021, science has inspired a sense of optimism around the world. We never stop inventing. We have over 100,000 patents to prove it. Get help using and locating our products. View Safety Data Sheets & Compliance Requirements. Find a plant location that is convenient for you.

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