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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get 3DMark free?

A: It is easy! Just click the free 3DMark download button in the above of this page. Clicking the download button will start the installer to download 3DMark free for a PC/laptop. Q: Is this 3DMark will typically run on any Windows?

What does The 3DMark score represent?

The 3DMark Score represents the overall gaming performance of the tested system . Both the GPU and the CPU performance are reflected in the score. The GPU Score and CPU Score are called the sub-scores; they represent the performance of the GPU and CPU, respectively. The 3DMark® Score is formed by taking a weighted harmonic mean of the sub-scores.

What is 3D test?

The " three Ds " or the " 3D test " of antisemitism is a set of criteria which was formulated by Israeli politician Natan Sharansky in order to distinguish legitimate criticism of Israel from antisemitism. The three Ds stand for: Each of which, according to the test, indicates antisemitism.

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