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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 29+ bike?

In essence, 29+ provides added cushion and confidence while not being as sluggish at a fatbike. The Surly ECR was one of the first few 29+ bikes, and the first to repurpose 29+ specifically for bikepacking. Many have followed in its wide footsteps, but it remains the archetype of its own niche.

What are 29+ inch tires and are they worth it?

The magic of 29+ is that it provides a large rolling diameter as well as significant floatation and suspension qualities due to a wider footprint. And, all of this is at its disposal without the same penalties that 4″ fatbike tires possess.

What is the oddity Ghostship 29+?

The Oddity Ghostship is a beautiful work of art in the 29+ category. Photo from Oddity Cycles. The Titanium BREEZY 29+ was one of the first few titanium 29= bikes out there. The frame features a 44mm headtube (for use with tapered steerer tube forks), 142 x 12mm Sliding Thru-Axle Inserts with included Shimano thru-axle, and Ti welded bottle bosses.

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