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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new Corvette cost?

The Corvette Grand Sport starts at around $65,500, and the Corvette Z06 starts at $79,495. The most expensive model is the Corvette ZR1, which has a starting price around $119,000. That's in a bit of a no-man's land for the class; only the Jaguar F-Type has a comparable top-trim price.

How much do corvettes cost?

The 2019 Corvette lineup includes 4 different models with prices ranging from $55,495 to $139,995 . Learn more about the pricing of each model.trim of the Corvette now available at Stingray Chevrolet near Lakeland.

Is Camaro sports car?

Yes, the Chevy Camaro is a good sports car. It has great handling and a lineup of powerful engines that make it one of the strongest all-around performers in the class. In addition, it has comfortable front seats and easy-to-use technology.

What is my Corvette worth?

As a general guide, the trade-in value of a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette with no options and driven roughly 12,000 miles per year would be worth about $41,775 for one in "Clean" condition and about $44,407 if you're selling it as a private party.

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