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Frequently Asked Questions

What is damage?

1 : loss or harm resulting from injury to person, property, or reputation 2 plural : the money awarded to a party in a civil suit as reparation for the loss or injury for which another is liable — see also additur, cover, mitigate, remittitur — compare declaratory judgment at judgment sense 1a, injunction, specific performance at performance

What makes damagedamage 2 so special?

Damage 2 delivers flat-out epic percussion, combining the highest quality of sampled drums with a signature dose of Heavyocity’s DAMAGED brand of sound design.

Is damage 2 worth it?

So much more than an upgrade, Damage 2 topples its predecessor off the throne with a massive collection of content, excellent sonic impact, and innovative performance functionality. Damage 2 is easily one of the best cinematic percussion libraries out there. Heavyocity, I am a fan for life, you folks are mad geniuses.

How much audio is in damage 2?

Over 50GB of audio, recorded at Lucasfilms’ Skywalker Sound in California using a unique array of more than 70 microphones Damage 2 is only sold separately and will not be included in any upcoming version of our KOMPLETE bundle. Give your compositions big screen impact with this thrilling sequel to Heavyocity’s legendary percussive production tool.

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