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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1971 Project Helios a good game?

1971 Project Helios is a bad game. It reminds you of a better game at every step and constantly fails to deliver. Every aspect of the game has been carried out more competently somewhere else; none of the novelties are any good. You’ll lose nothing if you skip this — which is not something I can say about playing it.

What is the refund policy for Project Helios?

Stellar support 24/7 and full refunds up to 30 days. 1971 Project Helios is a turn-based strategy game which combines modern warfare military tactics and close combat. Firearms and vehicles are scarce, conflicts and hostilities have no end, and the terrible freezing cold annihilates friends and foes in its path.

What does the Freeze button do in 1971 Project Helios?

But for you, it has three uses: reviving downed characters, resetting ability cooldown, and “defreezing” health. To explain that last part: 1971 Project Helios is set in a frozen world. If you find yourself battling outside (which is most of the time), the battlefield may have a freeze rating.

Why do you move around in Project Helios?

So when in Mutant Year Zero you had an incentive to move your characters into good tactical positions before GOING LOUD, there’s nothing like that in 1971 Project Helios. So there are only two reasons to move around the maps: to find more equipment to unlock or upgrade your skills, and to collect Fulgor. What is Fulgor?

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