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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 1971 silver half dollar worth?

Your coin is a rare 1971-D Silver Clad half dollar. It was struck by error by the US Mint in 1971. It is probably worth about $500-600. Would you be interested in selling it? anatole, 4 years ago, he might have been. Since he has not checked in since, I doubt that you have made any contact with him.

What is the price value of a 1974 half dollar?

You can assume a 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar in average condition will be worth around 50 cents, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $3 at auction. This price does not reference any standard coin grading scale. So when we say average, we mean in a similar condition to other coins issued in 1974, and mint state meaning it is certified MS+ by one of the top coin ...

How much silver is in 1971 half dollar?

Year: 1971; Mint Mark: No mint mark; Type: Kennedy Half Dollar; Price: 50 cents-$12.00 ; Face Value: 0.50 USD; Produced: 155,164,000 ** Silver Content: 0%

What is the rarest US half dollar?

The Kennedy half dollar belongs to the league of valuable and rarest United States Coins ever made by the US Mint, just like the Roosevelt Dimes and most especially the Mercury Dimes. The famous Kennedy Half Dollar has a small mintage, great looking design and high demand.

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