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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common factors of 112?

The factors of 112 are 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 14, 16, 28, 56, 112. The way to calculate the factors of 112 is as follows. 112 and 1 are the easiest two factors to find.

What is 112 on a cell phone?

However, if you are calling from a cell phone you can dial 112 and you will be linked to your cell phone company's emergency call centre. A call to 112 on a cell phone is free and is even possible on a cell phone that does not have airtime (it should also be possible even if you don't have a SIM card).

What happens when you dial 112 in the USA?

The phone number 112 is used as a global emergency phone number in a number of countries, primarily in the European Union. In some parts of the United States a call to 112 will roll over to the local 911 system, but since 112 is not implemented as a universal emergency number in the U.S., calling 911 directly is the better option.

Is 112 an emergency number?

112 (emergency telephone number) 112 is the common emergency telephone number that can be dialed free of charge from most mobile telephones and, in some countries, fixed telephones in order to reach emergency services (ambulance, fire and rescue, police).

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